Services in Transportation and Logistics

Dangerous Goods by road

All the vehicles are certified and authorized to transport dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods there are 13 classes, we can transport all classes except class Explosives and Radioactive.

All drivers are authorized to carry dangerous goods. the company has Certificate Security Adviser. Our company meets certificates, insurance, targeted training on risks in the company.

Palletized goods

We have trucks to transport palletized goods (our trucks are TAUT-LINER bodywork type). The Taut-liner trucks have closed boxes morphology to charge to download, open behind, top, and sides. They have superior side curtains and backdoor.

Joint cargo service

Groupage services transport is what is usually called "package", ie small trucks that pick up small loads which is then consolidated into store with a large truck. From this point they are sent to another store, for example, in Madrid, and there put back into small trucks for delivery to the customer. This makes it needed at least 48 to 72 hours from the time of loading until the moment of delivery to the customer. Our company provides this service. In Catalonia, we can deliver the goods on the same day, saving costs and time, ensuring the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Emmagatzematge de mercaderies


Our company has indoor and outdoor facilities to store the following goods:

  • All kinds of goods, including foodstuffs. We can not store dangerous goods or waste.
  • Our experience is based on long palletized products, such as chemicals, with pallets, big bags or IBC.


We can store, hardware store and bazaar products, pallets of bottles, building materials, kitchen furniture, fertilizers, etc. we can store everything that is transported by truck and can be downloaded truck and crane. We have 3 large halls with a capacity of 2,400 m2 (almost without columns) and an exterior of about 1,000 m2, suitable for storing products in the open.