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Transportes Cándido joins the OCS program, a zero loss program

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Transportes Cándido is part of the OCS (Operation Clean Sweep®) program, which promotes environmental awareness and protection. Through this initiative, the aim is to avoid losses of pellets, flakes or dust, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics logistics chain

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is a global plastics industry initiative to prevent the release of plastic particles (whether pellets, flakes or dust) into the environment, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics value chain: production, handling, transport, processing and recycling.

To this end, Transportes Cándido has equipped its vehicles with the necessary equipment for the correct handling of pellets and periodically makes its drivers aware of their decisive role in complying with the program.

The benefits of OCS are:>

  • Being part of committed industry.
  • Reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Maximize raw material usage.
  • Prevent slips and falls

The objectives of the program are:

  • Prevent pellets from ending up in the sea.
  • Prevent them from becoming a threat to fauna and flora.
  • Protect the environment, our industry and its products.

The five main measures to implement good practices:

  1. Make "zero pellet loss" a priority.
  2. Assess your company's situation and needs.
  3. Make the necessary improvements to facilities and equipment, as appropriate.
  4. Sensitize employees and create a sense of responsibility..
  5. Monitor and enforce compliance with procedures.

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Joining the OCS initiative shows Transporte Candido's commitment to environmental protection, sustainability and the application of circular economy principles.